ORM: Don’t Turn a Deaf Ear on Consumer Conversations

In today’s digital / online world, Online Reputation Management (ORM) has expended value with the emergence of social networking sites, where clients/ visitors can communicate their views about your products, companies, qualities, brands, services etc. It has become a two-way communication channel now. If you want to create or build a space in today’s highly competitive online market, you have to maintain a clean image and reputation Online Reputation also works as the “Word of Mouth” for your product and services. Having an online reputation gives answers to many of the questions of the visitor that they have in their mind while looking for your services or products. It helps them and taking their decision of buying your product or not.


Wikreate is not only creating an online reputation for you, your brand, your product and services, but also manage it too, as our highly experienced team of professionals is working for you every time and keep an eye on your brand as if someone says anything against you, your brand, your product and services, we sort out it within a short span of time.